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Winds of Anaba

On tranquil summer days, as the sun kisses the hills and valleys of Sonoma, unique air currents bring cooling breezes inland from the Pacific Ocean and San Pablo Bay. Wafting softly, with some gusts and gales, they glide through the vineyard rows. As they encounter steeper slopes and drift upward, they become anabatic winds. Soaring glider pilots rely on them for flight. We rely on them for the coolness they impart — a gift of nature that makes the vineyards temperate and slows the ripening process, producing robust flavors and distinctive varietal characters in our grapes. In 2009, Anaba Wines became the first Northern California winery to utilize wind power when John T. Sweazey installed a 45-foot Skystream wind turbine on the property.  It generates electricity for some of the operations and irrigation on the property, and as of April 2015, it also powers an electric car charging station -- a Clipper Creek universal electric car charger which is available to guests visiting the tasting room. Anaba Wines is committed to green initiatives and with the installation of our solar panels hopes to be utilizing 100% renewable energy by 2020.

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